Join ACLU Oklahoma, Foundation for Liberating Minds, and us for a thought-provoking webinar that delves into the critical issue of LGBTQIA+ over-incarceration. Our Community Conversation will shed light on the unique challenges faced by LGBTQIA+ individuals within the criminal justice system and explore pathways to create a more equitable and inclusive future.Our experts will dive into the disproportionate impact that the criminal justice system has on the LGBTQIA+ community, including how youth are affected through the school-to-prison pipeline. You will hear firsthand accounts from LGBTQIA+ individuals who have experienced incarceration and gain valuable insights into their unique journeys. Our panelists will help us look at the intersectionality of race, gender identity, and sexual orientation and its influence on the experiences of LGBTQIA+ individuals within the system.We will look at innovative programs, policy reforms, and community-driven initiatives that aim to reduce over-incarceration rates and create safer and more inclusive spaces. You will discover ways in which communities, organizations, and individuals can actively participate in the fight against LGBTQIA+ over-incarceration, supporting affected individuals and advocating for meaningful change.Join us for this crucial conversation as we strive to understand the challenges faced by LGBTQIA+ individuals behind bars and beyond. Together, we can work towards building a more just and inclusive society.