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Donations like yours support the valuable work of OCJR as an educator and catalyst for criminal legal reform in our state.

Why Donate?

In 2016, Oklahoma had the highest incarceration rate in the United States, yet crime rates remained high, leaving Oklahoma communities unprotected.

While our state legislators have made progress in lowering the percentage of Oklahomans behind bars, there is still significant work to be done to save taxpayer dollars, protect our communities, reunite families, and reduce inequality.

The Impact of Donating

Your donations provide for criminal justice reform research that informs the bills presented on the state senate floor.

“I have hope that there are others out here that feel there are injustices in our system. We see a need for change and will take out our time to help do so. No one ever said the fight would be easy, However, I believe it is well worth it for those who cant help themselves and our legacys to come.”

Natasha Russell

“As a society and as a community, let us give those who have done their time, paid their dues to society, let us give them a second chance. Let us not be the ones who place more obstacles in their way where they can’t be successful or can no longer successfully re-enter.”

Alice Marie Johnson

“The fight for criminal legal reform gives me hope because I feel like I have a fair chance at a normal, successful life after facing consequences for the mistakes I made in my past. Knowing that there’s actually people out there who understand and care about the lives and future of those who have been in the system gives me a new outlook on life and I feel like a human being!”

Whitney Brown

“It’s through generous donations that we can change the outcomes of those who get caught up in the Oklahoma criminal justice system and protect the families and communities of our state.”

Trey Livingston