Seven Reasons Why You Should Donate to Nonprofits This Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday, often described as a global day of giving or a global generosity movement, is held each year on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving. Since this first annual day of giving in 2012, nonprofits in the United States have raised more than $1.9 billion. In 2019, nonprofits in the US raised more than $500 million dollars online alone. 

When you think of this Giving Tuesday, what inspires you? Perhaps you want to positively impact your community and help your neighbors in need? Maybe you’re considering making nonprofit donations, but you are unsure if your money can actually make a difference? At Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform, we want to make the giving process as easy and understandable as possible. So here are seven ways that your nonprofit donations in Oklahoma can create better and safer communities. 

7 Reasons Why You Should Make a Donation Today

Nonprofit charitable donations support important causes around the world. But they also make incredible changes in our local communities every day. 

Nonprofits in our local communities here in Oklahoma led the campaign to advance State Question 780 and State Question 781. These citizen-generated ballot measures reclassified drug possession as a misdemeanor and created the legislative vehicle to reinvest savings from criminal justice reforms into prison alternatives and treatment. Oklahoma voters overwhelmingly supported these common-sense reforms that make our community safer. Both initiatives passed, and they’ve helped reduce Oklahoma’s incarceration crisis by more than 20 percent since 2016. By addressing the root causes of crime, and helping people return to productive lives, SQ780 and SQ781 fundamentally changed Oklahoma’s justice landscape forever.

If you’re interested in creating a more just and appropriate criminal legal system in Oklahoma that promotes accountability while reducing mass incarceration and its generational harm to families, then Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform is the perfect nonprofit for your donations. When we get donations from supporters like you, we can continue our mission to create safer, more just, and more forgiving communities. We can even equip families with the resources and knowledge that enables them to transform their lives so that they can add value to themselves and positively impact their local communities.

Here are our top 7 reasons why you should make a donation today:

1. You’re Advocating for Bipartisan common sense reform

Despite the cynical nature of modern politics, those on the farthest ideological left and farthest right can work together. Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform is grateful to facilitate a bipartisan coalition of stakeholders from across the state that allow for fiscally responsible, smart reforms to be created and passed regardless of party affiliation.

2. You’ll Become More Informed

When you research nonprofit organizations and the causes they represent, you become more informed about the issues facing our local communities and what we can do to solve them. Did you know that Oklahoma has ranked in the top 3 states in the nation, and even in the world, or that the state has had one of the highest female incarceration rates for decades? But with our work, along with our partners, the incarceration rate of Oklahoma has dropped by more than 20%, and the recidivism rate is now 18.6%, among the lowest in the nation.

3. Your Nonprofit Donations Help Others

Do you see many people struggling with homelessness in your community? Do you want to improve the lives of people in your neighborhood? Do you want to support children and families in need? Think about what moves you and choose a nonprofit organization that advocates for that mission. You’ll promote your passion and make a difference in an area that matters to you.

4. You’ll Encourage Others to Follow Your Example

By donating to nonprofits, you can encourage other people to follow your lead. If your children see you donating money or time to an important cause, they’ll be more likely to grow up with a giving mindset. They’ll be more likely to make financial donations or volunteer their time. Additionally, if you let your family and friends know about your charitable donations, you may motivate them to donate to charities as well.

5. You’re Investing Alongside your Neighbors

New survey research shows broad support for criminal justice reform in Oklahoma. Nearly three-quarters of Oklahomans (73%) believe it’s important to reduce the jail or prison population in the state. And the voters are willing to back their beliefs up with political action. Voters are also more likely to support a candidate who wants to reform the criminal justice system by a margin of 5:1. When this action is combined with donations, Oklahoma will truly change for the better. 

6. Your Nonprofit Donations Are Tax Deductible

If you donated to an IRS-approved nonprofit organization, your donation is tax-deductible. The IRS has a handy tool to help you figure out if giving to your favorite cause will also give you a tax deduction. You can search for tax-exempt organizations with their Tax Exempt Organization Search (TEOS) tool.

7. Every Little Bit Counts

You don’t need to donate hundreds of dollars to make a difference. Every little bit counts when you donate to charitable organizations. Small donations still play a major role in supporting their mission.

How Your Donation Helps Our Cause

In 2018, Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform launched out of a small  group of dedicated advocates. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit committed to research, education and advocacy, OCJR focuses on continued criminal justice reforms in Oklahoma. Since 2018, OCJR has supported the release and reentry of thousands of Oklahomans through commutations, advocating for law changes, and pursuing data-driven criminal justice policy.

Financial donations help us to continue the life-changing victories we have already had in Oklahoma. Some impactful examples from just this past year are Oklahoma’s historic Clean Slate expungement reform, occupational licensure reform, and earned discharge credit reform. Clean Slate alone is set to change the lives of  over 100,000 Oklahomans by allowing them to have better access to education, employment and housing. This one simple technology reform will fundamentally improve the lives of so many community members in our state.

Your support of our program is greatly appreciated. Join the fight and donate.